Inspira Cowl Workshop

This is how the Yellow Dog Knitting Workshops started. 

I had been admiring the Inspira Cowl by graphica on Ravelry. I immediately cast on and then read the pattern (I do know I'm supposed to read patterns before I start but I like to live dangerously). It is a 2 x 2 rib with color change every 2 x 2. Well, I like to carry both yarns in my left hand but when you try to do 2 colors and involve purl stitches also, it can get a little all thumbsy. Then I remembered I had figured out how to purl without bringing the yarn to the front. Aha! What a great idea for a Video Workshop. I contacted the designer, graphica, and asked her permission to use her pattern. She said yes! So that was the start of Yellow Dogs Video Workshops. This was my first so please be nice to me, practice makes better. 

Definitely do what graphica recommends and read the knitty gritty parts at the end of the pattern! After you are through reading take some time to admire her "field notes". She has included three hand drawn images of her inspiration. I wish my mind worked like that. I'm tempted to frame her illustrations.  


Inspira Pattern

I made the following modificatons to create the size I wanted.

  • I followed the Mesa Rock version directions.
  • I cast on 20 more stitches than what was called for because I wanted it to fit over a light jacket.
  • I used a size US 8 needle but I am a VERY loose knitter.


Yarn: Cascade Casablanca:

  • 2 skeins # 09 Fall 
  • 2 skeins # 05 Peacock ( I really only used 1 skein of this color but it was so very close (inches))


  • 24" - 40" circular needle to get a gauge of approx 19 st x 22 rws over 4"  
  • a circular of the same length but one size smaller for firming up the neck area. (I knit very loosely so I am using a US 8 needle. The pattern originally called for a US 10.) 

Stitch marker to mark the beginning of your rounds.


Free Video Workshop, to help you work your way through the pattern. 

Order your supplies and knit along with the Video.